The new anime will depict previously untold stories in the three months between the stories of the first Prince of Tennis and sequel, The New Prince of Tennis. It will cover story material that was not in either manga series.

2nd Prince of Tennis Best Games OVA's New Promo Video Streamed (Mar 25, 2019) 2nd Prince of Tennis Best Games OVA's Trailers Streamed (Feb 7, 2019) Japan's Animation DVD …

The drama continue the style and theme of last season, show us the tennis prince's growth and effort, and the way they won the championship.

Ryoma is cold and blunt as usual.

Among these flamboyant crowds are the members of the Aogaku tennis team, who have been cordially invited to play in the Exhibition Match on the cruise, hosted by a fanatic tennis-lover millionaire, Hikomaro Sakurafubuki.While the members are prepping for the match for the next day, a group of opponents walk up. Watch The Prince Of Tennis Online: Watch full ... but continues to draw the game out. 2nd Prince of Tennis Best Games OVA's Trailers Streamed posted on 2019-02-07 09:40 EST by Jennifer Sherman 2nd in series of 3 'Best Games' OVAs opens in theaters on April 5

Stars: Junjie Qin, Dianfei Zhang, Xuxu Bai Next »

... Takeshi remembers that Akutsu once came into his Karate class and beat up one of the best …

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