Finding Group Rides and Races . It is determined in Zwift by your power as well as the height and weight you've entered. Your power to drag (w*cda) is most important on flat ground. Then there is the social aspect, races and group rides are a great way to meet people and share some camaraderie. Zwift uses your w/kg at FTP firstly to determine how fast your avatar moves in the virtual world, especially uphill. It is a simple calculation that everybody understands. I find it hard to find a group that is at my 3 to 3.5 w/kg at the times I can ride. you are right that someone that weighs less can produce less wattage and maintain the same speed as heavier people producing more. Essentially Zwift is estimating your frontal area based on the variables entered. Joining a Zwift race or group ride is easy. I have found my Tacx Vortex is giving about an 8% increase in watts over my Stages PM. Zwift determines this based off your wattage and the weight you've entered. A person who weighs 155 pounds or roughly 70.3068 kilograms and can average 200 watts will have a w/kg of 2.70. I can't think of a better calculation as heavier people are generally stronger than lighter people.
I haven't raced on Zwift yet but I have altered my weight to hang with slower or faster group rides.

The W/KG numbers represent the Power to Weight ratio of (Watts per Kg) and are calculated based on the weight you entered into Zwift. w/kg is the bread and butter of zwift. Open Zwift Companion for a full list of opportunities, and the ability to register in advance. Your power to weight (w/kg) is most important on climbs. Zwift adds a variety of aspects to your ride to make it feel more like riding outside.
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